Roof integration

Our monocrystalline products install easily, and integrate seamlessly into your home’s preexisting roof structure. More energy to power everything you need.

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Power and beauty: a solar aesthetic.

Your home is a personal space. Our solar panels have a sleek modern form, designed to complement your own aesthetic.

A solar tile that fits your roof
With our Solrif solution, solar panels fit seamlessly into your roof and replace existing tiles. Use your roof to power your home. Smart and simple.
Solrif frames are manufactured by the Swiss company Ernst Schweizer AG that boasts decades of field experience on this system and more than 10 MW already installed in the UK.
Dimensions [mm]
1016 x 1704 x 36
Weight [kg]
Cell number
Back cover
Front cover
Cell type
Power range
Solar tiles
Roof integrated solar tiles
Sleek modern design
A clean look that doesn’t compromise quality
Roof integration

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